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Fresh Eggs

Our eggs come from Road Island Reds, Golden Comets, Buff Orphingtons, Brahmas and Wyandottes!

Pickled Eggs

We Jar our eggs Weekly, always open to flavor suggestions. We currently offer: Sweet Dill, Jalapeno, Spicy BBQ, Sriracha, Curry & Tarragon.

Fun Facts about Chickens

Did you know... ?

“I Love Knowing where my Eggs are coming from and that the chickens are happy, loved and properly cared for! ”

Megan Lebrato

A Little about Us...

I love all my lovely ladies so much that they started producing eggs quickly once they were old enough and I quickly had an overflowing Fridge full of eggs!


I had so many people show interest in having eggs from chickens they knew were properly cared for and loved. 

So, I started to sell to a few people and still had fresh eggs available to sell you!